Show Your Gratitude

Show Gratitude

When I came to the United States, Thanksgiving was a new holiday for me. Although I could not identify with the history, the essence of the celebration resonated with me. Every year we got together with family and friends to prepare a mix of Mexican, Peruvian, and American dishes. A time to relax, eat, joke, drink, and be grateful for what we have.

Like many holidays, we tend to highlight one day to express it and celebrate. And then we go with our daily life and miss many opportunities to be grateful. A recent survey of the John Temple Foundation found that we are not very good at expressing gratitude and that America’s gratitude is declining.

Showing gratitude is an act of generosity. And one day a year, we get together to celebrate and show our appreciation to others. I invite you to celebrate it fifty-two times a year, one day per week.  

Sharing is Caring

One day per week, share your gratitude to people who have to help you on your journey. Reach out and let them know how they have influenced you, help you grow, get unstuck, and or supported you. 

Seven Ways to Show Gratitude

There are many ways to show you care. Here are seven ways to get you going. 

  • Act without rewards 
  • Give something to someone for no reason at all. 
  • Be present 
  • Show them they are in your mind. 
  • Be generous with your knowledge, time, and experience. 
  • Use your power 

A Thought About Power

Power isn’t a function of status or hierarchy. Power isn’t a tool for self-enhancement or for forcing compliance. Power is how you show up and how you play in someone else’s story.

Be grateful for what you have. And generous enough to use your power to help others. 

May the goods in life be yours in abundance that stays with you year long.