Dinorah Olmos

Dinorah Olmos is Director of Community Outreach who works with organizations to help them reach and engage underserve communities in a personalized way, human-to-human.

After spending nearly two decades working with Latino and African American students and parents for John Hopkins University’s Center for Talent Youth (CTY) and non-profit organizations, Dinorah knows what truly drives engagement— It’s how well you connect with the people you’re trying to communicate and help them understand their road blocks.

Dinorah has presented at California Association for the Gifted (CAG), Johns Hopkins University, Hispanic Engineering, Science & Technology (HESTEC) Conference, and Annual Latin American Congress College Board. In addition to her extensive experience, Dinorah is founder of Latino Education Advancement Fund (LEAF).

Dinorah holds a MA in Leadership and Organizational Studies from Fresno Pacific University, and Post-Graduate Certificate in Leadership for School, Family, and Community Collaboration from Johns Hopkins University.