How can you engage with your customers without a deep understanding of who they are?

How can you engage with your customers without having a deep understanding of who they are?

Engagement starts with the customer. But, sometimes companies lose focus assuming they know and understand their customers needs, wants, and desires. An assumption that can lead to failure. 

I was reminded about this when my wife shared a story about a client she was coaching. My wife gave her client the tools and online application to help her son apply to the university. And then, nothing happened. The form was foreign to her and spoke a different language. The fear, the anxiety, and shame of not knowing had stopped the client on her tracks. It was assumed that she knew about FASFA. 

Things change, customers’ needs change and expectations change.

People act in accordance to their personal narrative.  

People look at things through their personal experiences, knowledge, values, beliefs, and motivations. And not everyone will have the same knowledge, experience, and beliefs. 

What is the story they are telling themselves? 

People take action if it reinforces the story they tell themselves. If it helps them fit in and do what is expected. To engage with them, you need to understand their culture, talk, and act in ways that align with who they are and want. Meet them where they are. 

How are you helping them tell a story to themselves that they’re proud of?

Put differently, how are you furthering their purpose and goals? The dreams, the feelings, the emotions, and the status they seek. Put yourself into their shoes with the following three simple questions: 

  • What will I tell myself? 
  • What I will I tell my friends 
  • Why will I tell them?

No generalizing required. Relevant experiences drive engagement. 

Understanding your consumers worldview will help you design relevant experiences that drive engagement and your customers feel more connected to your brand.