Who's your future customer?

Who is your future customer?

We experience disruption with new technology and industry changes. However, demographic and customer expectations are fundamental driving forces in challenging how things are done.  Demographic change is a good indicator of who your future customer could be. You can look at age composition, income, education. However, the ethnic composition of the future population is one […]

Make Your Customers' Story your Story

Make Your Customers’ Story your Story 

Make your customers your story is the story of how you help them achieve their dreams and desires. We sometimes forget that their world view and experience are different from ours. We push for the outcome we want to see, get the flu vaccine, use a net to avoid malaria, and exercise or diet to […]

It's not how to get attention but how to get noticed is that matters. 

It’s Not How to Get Attention but How to Get Noticed that Matters.

We live in a crowded and noisy world. Daily social media, texts, apps, streaming media, traditional media, etc., calls our attention. Getting attention is easy. You can buy eyes to get attention. And if you are not getting it, you can raise the volume and get loud enough for someone to turn and see you, […]

Show Gratitude

Show Your Gratitude

When I came to the United States, Thanksgiving was a new holiday for me. Although I could not identify with the history, the essence of the celebration resonated with me. Every year we got together with family and friends to prepare a mix of Mexican, Peruvian, and American dishes. A time to relax, eat, joke, […]

Simplicity is key

Do You Have The Courage to Make Things Simple?

The other day I got frustrated with the process of an online conference with a new platform. It required many steps to access the online presentation. First, it required me to sign in to the conference platform. Then look for the room and topic I wanted to attend. After that, sign in again as an […]

Innovate, Don’t Force 

Trying to force people to consume when they don’t want to is not a good growth strategy. Instead, innovate to remove the barriers to action. Be wary of the mantra: If we build it, they will come. Have you ever felt pushed or trying to be influenced to do something, and the more they insist, […]

How Design Thinking Makes You a Better Leader 

Growing up my leadership image was a charismatic, extroverted, and in control person. One who was having all the answers, always telling people what to do, and in charge. And it made sense, after all the Latino culture at the time valued hierarchy.  Later on, I learned that different leadership styles vary from command and […]

Cultural Marketing is understanding the tribe

All Marketing is Cultural

All marketing is cultural. People you want to serve belongs to a community and a tribe or tribes. A tribe that reflect who they are or aspire to be. The story they tell themselves.  Culture is what people do, what they believe, what they value, and how they conform to a peer’s group, which informs […]

Can I have Your Attention?

Can I Have Your Attention?

Attention deficit is the norm these days. People are easily distracted. Eight-seconds is all you get to pick interest before people move to another activity. One way to call for attention is using a megaphone. Another way is to focus on earning their attention. Which one do you think will work best?