Who's your future customer?

Who is your future customer?

We experience disruption with new technology and industry changes. However, demographic and customer expectations are fundamental driving forces in challenging how things […]

Show Gratitude

Show Your Gratitude

When I came to the United States, Thanksgiving was a new holiday for me. Although I could not identify with the history, […]

Innovate, Don’t Force 

Trying to force people to consume when they don’t want to is not a good growth strategy. Instead, innovate to remove the […]

Cultural Marketing is understanding the tribe

All Marketing is Cultural

All marketing is cultural. People you want to serve belongs to a community and a tribe or tribes. A tribe that reflect […]

Can I have Your Attention?

Can I Have Your Attention?

Attention deficit is the norm these days. People are easily distracted. Eight-seconds is all you get to pick interest before people move to another activity. One way to call for attention is using a megaphone. Another way is to focus on earning their attention. Which one do you think will work best?