It's not how to get attention but how to get noticed is that matters. 

It’s Not How to Get Attention but How to Get Noticed that Matters.

We live in a crowded and noisy world. Daily social media, texts, apps, streaming media, traditional media, etc., calls our attention.

Getting attention is easy. You can buy eyes to get attention. And if you are not getting it, you can raise the volume and get loud enough for someone to turn and see you, but are you getting noticed?

On the other hand, getting noticed requires the ability to see and listen with your eyes to the worldview of the people you serve. Learning to see what they are hoping to do, what is stopping them from achieving it, and the story they are telling themselves.

And then design a cultural experience that solves that desire. Design products, services, or programs that speak to who they are, what they believe, what they value, social expectations, aspirations, and how that experience makes them feel.

To be able to see means going beyond demographics because demographic alone fails to discover intent.

If we look a the Latino population, we have first, second, third generation, and multigenerational households. Each of them brings a distinct set of experiences, knowledge, believes, desires, and barriers. Thus, confusing Latinos as one audience will guide you on a one-size-fits-none strategy.

That’s why you need to design and build with the people you want to serve in mind to get you noticed. Otherwise, you will end up with a great product, service, or marketing campaign that no one wants and noticed.